What Is The AO Scan?

The AOScan is a cutting edge, non-invasive bio-resonance device. While traditional medicine is greater today than it has ever been in human history, sometimes even highly skilled medical doctors have difficulty pinpointing and treating certain ailments. That's where the AO Total Body Scanner comes in.

How It Works

AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer uses infrared and electromagnetic signals to detect frequency imbalances in the stubtle energy of your organs, tissues, cells and even in your DNA. The original scan is done through a pair of specially designed headphones. It scans over 80,000 individual points, and instantly compares those frequencies with a database of known healthy frequencies and displays the results in just minutes.

After the imbalances have been located, the AO Scan returns those frequencies back to your body, specific to the problem areas, but 180 degrees out of phase. With repetition, your body begins to correct itself at the deep level of its subtle energy.

You can actually see the numbers change in real time!

What Issues Can The AO Scan Address?

✓ Fungus / Mold
✓ Allergies / Sensitivities
✓ Bacterial Diseases
✓ Blood Panels / CBC Report
✓ Reproductive Function
✓ Bone & Muscle Condition
✓ Cardiovascular Issues
✓ Chakras
✓ Digestive / Gastrointestinal Function
✓ Eye Health

✓ Fungus / Mold
✓ Genetics
✓ Immune System
✓ Insulin Resistance
✓ Major Organ Function
✓ Heavy Metals
✓ Parasites
✓ Viruses
✓ Thyroid Function
✓ Vitamins / CoEnzymes