BrainCore Therapy

How it Works

Brainwave Dysregulation is a condition that results from tension on the nervous system. Over 40 years of scientific research has demonstrated that, for any circumstance, there is an accepted normal pattern of brainwave activity. A healthy, balanced, and properly regulated nervous system will produce the appropriate brain waves at the appropriate levels and at the appropriate times for any given situation.

BrainCore Therapy Neurofeedback is also known as EEG Biofeedback. Neurofeedback is a program of guided exercise for the brain that is designed to retrain dysregulated brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback is used to transform a dysregulated brainwave pattern into a normal, healthy, organized pattern thereby helping the brain to operate optimally and efficiently. It is noninvasive and is considered to be safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

About the Treatment

The procedure consists of placing a snug cap on the head. Embedded within the cap are 12 small sensors that are designed to measure brainwaves coming from the brain. It is important to note that these sensors do NOT put any electrical current into the brain. They simply read signals coming from the brain. The brainwave data received from the QEEG is compared to a normative database and a Brain Map report is generated, allowing the doctor to determine whether a client’s brainwave patterns are different from normal.

Why it's a Better Alternative

BrainCore begins with a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) evaluation. The QEEG is an assessment tool designed to scientifically evaluate brainwave patterns.

The QEEG assessment provides the doctor with neurofeedback training protocols that will be used during the training sessions, to retrain the brainwave patterns toward normal, allowing the brain to operate more optimally and efficiently. All of this without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and no harmful side effects.

How BrainCore Helps

BrainCore is used in the corrective treatment of several neurological conditions. Scientific research has demonstrated neurofeedback’s efficacy in improving many neurological conditions such as:

  • ADHD
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post Stroke Syndrome
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • as well as many others.

To learn more, follow the button below to the BrainCore Research page where research documents can be found on the subject of neurofeedback and how it can help with many different conditions and disorders.