Many people think they have to live with their cellulite, covering it at the beach or avoiding bare arms and legs for the rest of their lives, but it can be reduced because cellulite is a result of a connective tissue and blood disorder, we work to reverse the disorder with endermologie, an FDA-approved body-contouring treatment.

Exercise and weight loss will NOT reduced cellulite. Endermologie has been proven to reduce it.

Endermologie uses a patented machine and techniques to roll and suction. This helps smooth and tighten your skin. A vacuum massage delivers the treatment in the superficial fat layer of the skin.

Each session lasts 30 to 35 minutes and focuses on the problem areas, typically hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Other area that can be treated include the back, calves and the back of arms.

The process does not hurt. In fact, it feels like a relaxing massage.