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Clinical massage is a tailored treatment for what the patient is feeling at that moment. By working with a chiropractor’s suggestion, this type of massage can muscularly re-align your body to an anatomically correct posture.

It may include medical folding (putting the body into pain free positions) in order to massage the area without discomfort to the deepest tissue for that particular person’s needs. It works the muscles according to their shape, and thus provides a quick range of motion recovery for the patient.

Your massage experience begins from the minute you walk in the door, to the moment you leave. We offer different types of sound environments you can listen to during your treatment as well as a wonderful selection of essential oil fragrances.

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Why Massage Therapy Works

Have you ever wondered what type of massage would be most beneficial for you? Well you are not alone and the good news is we don’t expect YOU to figure it out.

Our massage therapists tailor each treatment individually for you by selecting several different techniques from the massages listed below.

During your consultation they will assess your needs and formulate a treatment plan for you. No cookie cutter or robotic massages here, everyone gets an individually customized massage.