BrainCore / Memory - Testimonial

Nancy found herself dealing with some pretty serious memory issues after her brain injury. Listen to how BrainCore Therapy of Northern Michigan has helped her brain heal and fast track her journey back to work and everyday life.

If you suffering from similar working memory, organizational, or word retrieval issues, please contact us today at BrainCore Therapy of Northern Michigan. We are here to help and we offer a free consultation to discover whether or not BrainCore Therapy is right for you.

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BrainCore - Testimonial

Dr. Tony and his staff are awesome people, they care for their patients. I take my son to Brain Core and feel very good and comfortable with the care my son is receiving. Dr. Tony and his staff answer all of my questions and help me understand everything. My son is improving every day, at last I feel like he's getting the right treatment with life long effects! Thank you Dr. Tony and staff.

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